Who is SequoiArtistry?



Hello and Welcome!  My name is Linda and thanks for visiting my site! I have loved the great Sequoias since I was a little girl. Tall, bold, strong and beautiful, they have been my favorite trees , hence the name SequoiArtistry.


The mother of three sons, two with their own families, and proud grandmother of five, soon to be six, beautiful children, I have been blessed with more than my share of happiness! I also love photography, which enables me to capture both my beautiful family as well as nature at its awe inspiring moments, like this sunrise!  My love of nature and things organic harmonizes with my  work,  delighting  me with what I do.


All items are handmade by yours truly. Due to the nature of the hand crafting process, no two pieces are exactly alike so each piece is distinctive in its own way. I specifically choose each stone to match and be highlighted by the wire weaving and I look for unique and interesting gemstones. I have always been drawn to the extraordinary, unusual and the fascinating.


There is something special about a handmade item; the time and love that is put into them. So making sophisticated pieces was naturally a perfect fit! I lean towards the vintage look, when jewelry pieces were very intricate. As a jewelry artist, I really enjoy forming beauty with my hands.  I am very proud of every piece and have poured love into making each of them. I know that they can last for generations, so you can pass it on to someone you love!


 I am constantly learning new techniques and look forward to sharing them with you.  Please visit me often to see what I have new to offer!  


Good health, happiness and God's love for you always!

Thanks again!


I would like to give a huge thank you to Nicole Hanna, Ricci Designs, Dole Designs, Lonely Soldier, Imnium, Lisa Barth, Copair Angel, Majestic Designs to name a few, who have inspired me through their tutorials!.